Ruffing It NEWS

April 2018



Yay! It's SPRING! Thank goodness!

With spring comes grooming, lots and lots of grooming.  Please make sure to book your dog early for grooming.  Wet sloppy weather is not great for a long or matted coat.  Our longtime groomer Jayden will be on maternity leave from July to mid August.  If Jayden is your dogs groomer please make sure to plan your appointments around this time.  Also, with spring comes vacations which means lots of boarding.  Make sure to book your boarding early.  You can book anytime for any holiday.  Book now for July 4th or even Christmas (these require deposits)!!  All of these appointments can be done on our website.  Just make sure to call us to set up your password.


Webcams are now on cell phones, iPads and tablets!! Please see webcam page for instructions.

(Computer usage no longer available)


All daycare dogs are required to reserve daycare on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  Please make your reservations!


Walk in services are available M-F 8am-3pm and occasional Saturdays.  Please see grooming page for more details.

Make your grooming appointments at least 3 weeks in advance, or book at check out of grooming and save $5 on your next groom.  Talk to staff for more info.







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