To Whom It May Concern: Ruffing It Doggie Daycare & Overnight Center is without any doubt whatsoever the best comprehensive pet care facility in greater Grand Forks and the Northern Red River Valley area. The owners and employees are experienced, trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of pet care. For more than two years now, my dog has been a regular customer for daycare, grooming, and boarding when I need to be out of town. Ruffing It's employees are well-educated about animal care and have good relationships with top-notch veterinarians and their facilities. I never have to worry about my dog when he is at "school." I know something magic is happening when I get the same reaction when he hears the words "treat" or "school"! I rescued my dog from a kill facility. He was a difficult case who had only a few days left. When I brought him home, I took him to daycare at another facility while I was at work. His aggressive and antisocial behavior worsened and I soon discovered that he was spending all but 30 minutes of his day locked up in a small kennel. Since two of my colleagues at work took their dogs to Ruffing It, they urged me to take mine there, too. So I did. Within a month, my dog was socializing with people and other dogs. His trust level improved immensely and he had become a new pup. I thought these people had to be miracle workers! It would be impossible for me to express how grateful I am to our second family members at Ruffing It. My dog not only gets superb grooming and care at Ruffing It, but also now has two homes where he is known and loved. I can relax worry-free, knowing he is in the very best of hands with people I trust implicitly. Thank you, Ruffing It, from the bottom of my heart! Yours Truly, Dr. Debra Maury Asst. Prof. of Spanish Testimonial
1521 Demers Ave, Grand Forks, ND 58201 PHONE 701-780-0700 FAX 701-738-4000